Comodo is now Sectigo

Comodo is now Sectigo

09-11-2018 12:54:30

According to previous announcements, a year after the acquisition of Comodo Group by Francisco Partners, on November 1 Comodo CA announced that from now on it is changing its brand to Sectigo [pronounced. sec-tee-go]. The goal of rebranding is consistency in company communication and better dedication to what Comodo is doing now.

So what Sectigo is doing now?

Sectigo provides network security solutions for small, medium and enterprises in order to protect employees, customers, intellectual property and brands from online threats. The company's products and services enable customers and partners to monitor and secure digital identities at all points of contact.

"“This is an exhilarating time for our company. By rebranding as Sectigo, we are emphasizing our expansion beyond SSL to IoT and web security and announcing our commitment to making the internet more secure, as well as safe – for businesses and consumers alike.We’re focused on delivering solutions that rethink norms and advance the industry as a whole, and plan to become the world’s most trusted, innovative, and customer-centric partner for securing every website, transaction, communication, and connected device.”
- said Bill Holtz, CEO, Sectigo

What is the real reason for changing the brand?

A year ago, Comodo sold its Certification Authority (CA), but still offers other security services, such as cWatch or popular anti-virus software - and does it as a Comodo Group. This of course creates an inconvenient situation for the boards of both companies and is completely incomprehensible to clients.

Do you have a Comodo SSL certificate? Do not worry

  • Your certificate continues to work.
  • Sectigo do not plan to increase prices.
  • Root is not being changed. (Update Dec. 28, 2018)

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